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Rooms - accommodation in Viborg - Cheap and very comfortable

Do you need a cheap overnight stay in a place where you can stay in a cozy room in an informal and peaceful atmosphere? Then Motel Spar 10 in Viborg is the right place for you. Here you can always get accommodation in a clean room and a comfortable bed.

Whether you are on the move and just need a single night, or you are going on a short break with stay lasting several days, you can always get a cheap overnight stay at Motel Spar 10.

Minibar and cozy atmosphere with affordable accommodation

As a special feature on Motel Spar 10 you will find a common mini-bar, where guests can buy various beverages. You'll also find common living areas and even a kitchenette where it´s possible to cook and and clean.

This leads to many practical options for our guests, in connection with the budget-cheap accommodation, as our customers also have the opportunity to cook for themselves, and buy drinks at the bar. Furthermore access to the washer and dryer, so that our guests can wash clothes during their accommodation.

Visit Motel Spar 10, and enjoy the pleasant surroundings

You are always welcome to come and experience a cheap night or more with us. We are sure we can arrange for your stay at the motel to be comfortable and meet all of your expectations you might have.

So next time you are in the area, you can make a swift turn for the Motel Spar 10 in Viborg, and experience all this for yourself and those you travel with.

You can call us to hear more about your next night at tel. +45 86 61 29 55.

Room types

Single​ incl. breakfast

Kr. 495,-

Double incl. breakfast

Kr. 625,-

Extra bed incl. breakfast 

Kr. 150,-


​Ålandsvej 2, DK-8800 Viborg

CVR: 10465893

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Every day from 08:00 - 16:00

In weekend too.


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