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Course training room at reasonable prices in Viborg

    At Motel Spar 10 in Viborg we have the facilities to hold a meeting and day courses. Each training room is large and bright and your company can book them when you need it.

    We have all the necessary equipment in the seminar room. This includes overhead projector, TV / video systems and whiteboards. Of course there is wireless internet, so there is everything imaginable you could need for the next meeting or day course.

    We take care of the catering for your daycourse

    You arrange a daycourse in our training room in Motel Spar 10 in Viborg, you do not even have to think about food and drink in connection with your booking. Why? Because we can offer coffee and morningbread, lunch buffet with a beer / water, afternoon coffee for only 21,2 Gbp, - per person, when at least 10 people are attending each seminar room.

    The Courseroom in the greenery

    Motel Spar 10, and our courseroom is located not far from the forests and green areas. This creates a good and relaxed climate, when it comes to meetings and day course. Nature relaxes and doesn´t distract the participants. During the breaks you can go for a walk outside the training room and enjoy the green scenery of Viborg.

​Book a room well in advance and be assured excellent facilities !

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