​Phone: ​​+ 45 86 61​ 29 55​​

​Welcome to Motel Spar 10 in Viborg

Here at Motel Spar 10 hotel you have the opportunity to find cheap accommodation and rent rooms to different events.

We offer rooms in a peaceful and tranquil setting of our hotel, where you will be greeted by the staff by an informal tone and a receive good treatment that will make sure that your stay at our motel will be nice and very comfortable.

Team events at Motel Spar 10 in Viborg

At Motel Spar 10 in Viborg, you also have the option of renting rooms in our hotel for various reasons. Arranging a meeting or perhaps a course, we are surely the obvious choice.

We have all the necessary equipment for the meeting or course, which amongst others includes: Projects, Internet, TV / video system and witeboard blackboard.

Additionally, we can provide bread and coffee, lunch buffet with beer / water, afternoon coffee for only 21,2 Gbp, - per. person, if you are at least 10 at our motel and hotel.

A hotel in the greenery

Motel Spar 10 hotel is situated in pleasant green surroundings. This means that when you step outside, there will be forests and nature.

These natural surroundings contribute to make your stay at our hotel and motel even cozier and more comfortable and especially relaxing.

At the motel you will find cozy and clean rooms, where you can get a good night's sleep. You'll also find common living areas at our hotel as well as a common mini-bar, where you can buy beer and soft drinks at reasonable prices.

So, if your company is contemplating a course, or if you are a couple who needs a night in a cozy hotel and motel, we are the obvious choice

Call us for more information on telephone +45 86 61 29​ 55.

Access to kitchenette, where you can make coffee or the 24/7, there is also an opportunity to cook, use the washing machine and tumble dryer. With our informal manner, we are sure that you will enjoy staying at our facilities.​


​Ålandsvej 2, DK-8800 Viborg

CVR: 10465893

Contact us


Every day from 08:00 - 16:00

In weekend too.


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